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Pavement Princess Snorkel Grille

Pavement Princess Snorkel Grille

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If its tough, and looking shiny in the woolies car park. This ones for you ;)

Fits: safari and safari clones that have 2 side screws mounting the grille on, this includes TJM, OCAM, Iron Man, eBay generics and more.

-Dimensions: ~150mm wide by ~110mm high

-Proudly made in Australia to last in Australia, our snorkel grilles won't fade, won't crack and have a higher impact resistance than factory grilles, giving you peace of mind out in the bush 

-Please note, this design will not fit safari armax snorkels with 2 side screws (a rarer larger safari type with a 4in snorkel pipe) as they have a 170mm wide grille, we do have designs to suit though, so send us a message!


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