Q: Will Air Flow Be An Issue With Your Snorkel Grilles?

This is a common question we get, although there are many factors at play, this is the simplest explanation:

Our snorkel grilles intake size is bigger than the intake size of the snorkel pipe that the snorkel head is attached too.

The intake area of the most common style 3 ½ inch snorkel pipes is 62cm2 While the grille on the snorkel head has 130cm2 of intake area. This means that the available airflow from the standard snorkel head is more than double what can be sucked in by the snorkel pipe.
Our designs take this into account, and we make even our largest designs with 50% (65cm2) of the intake space remaining on the grille, which is still much more than what the snorkel pipe uses. This reasoning (with different intake values) also transfers to the larger safari Armax/AirMax and other Factory Snorkels we make designs to fit.
We have put this theory into practice when testing on Vehicles, with no ill effects experienced. All our happy customers around Australia and the world (Some with Impressively Modified 4wds) have enjoyed our quality products without issue.


Q: I am not sure if your snorkel Grilles will fit my snorkel head?

A: Any snorkel head with 2 side mount screws that looks like this:

will fit our standard designs, keep in mind there are many different clones and brands of this air ram (almost all accessories companies have used it at some stage, Safari, ARB, TJM, Dobinsons etc and they are all identical dimensions of 150mm wide and 110mm tall). the key take away is that the snorkel head looks like this one and has 2 side screws attaching the grille, simply unscrew your existing grille and replace it with your new 4x4SnorkelCovers design when it arrives. (Please note: that there are safari armax snorkels that look like this but have a 170mm wide grille, just check yours and select the correct design option on our website)


Q: My Snorkel head looks like that but it doesn't have side screws?

A: If your snorkel head looks like these:

Don't Worry! Many suppliers of safari snorkels sell their snorkel kits with a fully molded design without the side screws (as pictured above), some even sell them interchangeably which can be confusing. This isn't a big issue however as we have designs to suit! Simply Clip in our new Molded Safari Designs:



Q: My Snorkel Head on my Land Cruiser looks squarer than the design you have?

A: yes that is true there are some snorkels typically on Patrols, Navaras and Landcruisers that have a squarer top. if your snorkel head looks like this one:

Our Designs will Fit, they mount on exactly the same way :) so dont worry if the pictured designs aren't mounted to one of these, as they have the same dimensions as the normal screw in designs!


Q: Do you make Staino (stainless steel snorkel) Designs?

A:  We definitely do, there is more of a design process involved however, so please send a message to our Facebook page @4x4SnorkelCovers or send an email to 4x4snorkelcovers@gmail.com

Q: I Want a personalized custom design for my snorkel but i don't see a way to purchase it on your site?

A:  We only do custom designs through our Facebook page currently, send a message to our page @4x4SnorkelCovers and we can go through the design process with you. Its hard to add that one on one feel to a design process on our website, so to ensure customer satisfaction we will only do custom designs upon request through our facebook page:) Tell us what you want and we will make it!