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Marlin 4x4 Snorkel Grille/Cover

Marlin 4x4 Snorkel Grille/Cover

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Follow this process to mount the grille onto your Snorkel Head:

Removal: to remove your old grille grab the bottom of it and pull down and out so the clips can move clear of the snorkel head. then simply push up to remove the top

Installation: Be firm with your installation. It is designed to fit exactly the same as the original so may require some manipulation, Here is a Quick Guide:

1. Place the top of the grille onto the air ram first at a slight angle away from the air ram

2. grab either corner of the grille bottom and pull down and into the clip slots in the snorkel

3. push on the front of the grille around each edge, you should hear distinct pop noises as the grille is seated into place


If you have any troubles or queries about this design please send us a message :)


Facebook: @4x4SnorkelCovers


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